Link Exchange

Link Exchange

What is a Link Exchange?

Simply put, a link exchange is when two businesses allow put a link on their own website for the other business.

Why would I want a Link Exchange?

Link exchanges are a brilliant way for businesses to build their credibility and increase the chances of gaining traffic to your website. Link exchanges act as a vote of confidence for the other business and basically says ‘if you can trust us, you can trust these guys too’.

What are the requirements for a Link Exchange?

In order for the link exchange to be worth while, for both parties, the two businesses swapping links should be in the same industry or at least very similar. An example of this is a windows company gaining a link on a builders’ website – as people who have properties built may require to hire a windows company at some point to change them.

How do I inquire about a Link Exchange?

If you are looking to exchange links with building insurance repair/property maintenance websites or websites that are trade related, we have a resource page where we can provide you with a link in return from a link from one of your resources, it must be UK based and relevant to Tradesmen. Not only will it increase your chances of being ranked higher in Google, but it will also give you credibility and increased chances of more traffic through our site.

Check out the businesses who have already reached out to us and swapped a link on: Resource Page 1


Guest Blogging

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is where a company or individual offers to write a post or article for another company’s or individual’s website.

Why would I want to Guest Blog?

Guest blogging is a great way to link build, as some websites may be willing to give you a link if the content if of high quality or is relevant enough. Guest blogging also increases your chances of gaining traffic to your own website, as if someone reads your guest post, they may want to see more of your content and leave the website you have guest blogged on and visit yours.

What are the requirements for a Guest Blogging?

In order to successfully guest blog, you must be willing to writer content that is of value of relevance to the website you aim to post on – similar to the example mentioned earlier.

How do I inquire about Guest Blogging?

We regularly allow guest blog posts on our latest news section, which can be part of the link exchange if required, so if you are interested in appearing on our resource pages or if you are willing to write for us, then simply fill out our contact form and one of our SEO team members will review your request and respond as soon as possible.