Built In Wardrobes

They say you can never have too many shoes, but you definitely can unless you have the appropriate storage solution. If you have a built0in wardrobe you can have as many shoes as you want. 

Built-in wardrobes are great as they save so much space. Our team of experts will install wardrobes that are spacious and fit perfectly into your home.  Whether you opt for one of our premade designs or a bespoke option, your new built-in wardrobe will make a big difference when it comes to saving space.

  • Wide range of  premade built-in wardrobes design
  • Bespoke options
  • Reasonable installation cost
  • More space in your home

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Fitted Bedroom

Built In Wardrobes Glasgow

Different kinds of interior spaces require different types of wardrobes. Consequently, we offer a wide range of designs and styles of wardrobes. Our team of experts will help you to chose the perfect one that suits your home and your budget. While we do have premade designs, all wardrobes are fit to measure to ensure they fit seamlessly into your home. 

We do also offer a bespoke option if you have a particular vision that you’re going after. Just ask our team and they’ll give you all the available options. 

Bespoke and Pre-made Built In Wardrobes

If you have a particular vision for your room, a bespoke wardrobe is the way to go. Our team can guide you through the process of selecting the perfect woods and materials to have the produce wardrobe for your home. Whether you’re wanting a more classic look, a more contemporary aesthetic, our team will complete a high-quality installation that will look fantastic for decades to come. 

That’s not to say that our-premade range will deliver any less fantastic results. Our pre-made range takes the form of three basic templates that can be customised to suit your bedroom.

  • Frame Construction 

These built-in wardrobes don’t include a backing or side panel. This means it can be built from floor to ceiling and you can chose the distance from the wall. This shape is especially great if you happen to have awkwardly shaped ceilings.

  • Full Carcass 

The classic wardrobe with a base, two side panels, a top and a back panel. Every side of the wardrobe is visible, creating a more classic finish. If you’re wanting a super fast installation, this is the way to go.

  • Sliding Door

These types of wardrobe are similar to frame construction wardrobes in that they don’t have a backing panel. These are installed first and then a sliding door is installed in front for easy access. If you’re limited in space, these are the ideal shape for you. 

If you want a comprehensive explanation of all our wardrobe offerings, please be sure to get in contact. We’re always happy to answer any questions. 

Built In Wardrobes FAQ

We install a wide range; too many to list. If you have one in mine, just let us know and we’ll accommodate you. 

Yes, we do offer a bespoke service. Just ask our team for more information. 

You will be charged based on the chosen materials and the size of your built-in wardrobe. Contact us for a more accurate estimate.

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