We provide a wide range of joinery services to clients around Glasgow. If you have a projected needing completed, get in contact!

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Installing New Floor Panels

Joinery Glasgow

Joinery is an important segment of woodworking involving the joining together of pieces of wood (or lumber) for the purpose of producing a more complex wooden item. Some wood joints are known for employing adhesives, bindings, or fasteners. On the other hand, others may employ wood elements only. The main characteristics of wood joinery are appearance, flexibility, strength, and toughness.

As one of the most basic woodworking concepts, wood joinery is an important process. Without the ability to solidly join together two wooden pieces, every piece of woodworking would have to be carved from a single piece of wood. However, thanks to the wide range of wood joinery methods, woodworkers have numerous different joint types to choose from, based upon each project. Our accomplished woodworkers have mastered all of those important wood joinery concepts, so you can always count on them for the best joinery work available today anywhere in the Glasgow area.

Broken glass texture with hole in center

Window Boarding

If your window is shattered, it’s important that your is made secure as soon as possible. We offer quick window boarding services. 



We can help you to install or repair doors so you leave the best first impression on guests entering your home. 

Socks on the floor


Wooden floors add an extra touch of class to any home. We provide floor installation and repair services to clients who need it. 

Woman entering a garden through a gate, carrying a bunch of white flowers.


Fencing is fantastic for increasing the security of your home. They can also be a great aesthetic feature if you opt for the right team. 



Decking gives you a unique outdoor space in which to socialise and enjoy the weather. Our team can help maintain and install. 

3d rendering luxury modern bedroom suite in hotel with wardrobe

Fitted Bedrooms

You spend hours in your birthday, so it’s important to ensure that you have a nice, relaxing space with tons of storage space. 


Summer Houses

A Summer house should be like a home away from home. A place that you can escape to. We can help to ensure it remains a relaxing escape. 

Living room with stylish macrame, sofa, wooden accessories and d

Internal Doors

Nothing ruins an interior quite like a damaged or unattractive door. If you opt with Property Maintenance Glasgow, this won’t be an issue. 

Fitted Bedroom

Built In Wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes are a fantastic space-saving storage solution. They also make for a fantastic aesthetic feature within a room.