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Sash windows are classic, elegant and desirable for any type of home, but especially period properties. Are you looking to install new sash windows? Have you already got sash windows that could use some repair? You’ve come to the right place.

Property Maintenance Glasgow have a team of experts that can install new sash windows or repair existing ones.  If you’re having issues with your sash windows all you need to do is contact us via our online form.  You’ll then receive a free no-obligation quote. 

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Sash Windows Glasgow

When asked to picture the ‘classic’ window shape, sash window are probably what immediately spring to mind without you even realising it. That iconic rectangle cut into four is a sash window. Sash windows are made of one or multiple movable panels, with the ‘sash’ being the frame that contains the glass. Rather than swinging open like a casement window, a sash window slides up and down within the main frame. 

The team at Property Maintenance Glasgow are experts when it comes to the installation of sash windows. We deliver a high-quality, efficient service that is guaranteed to delight every client. 

Sash Window Repair and Replacement

While they look fantastic when in good condition, sash windows require an expert hand when it comes to repairs. They are slightly more complicated than your average single panel window. This is because there are multiple elements to consider, rather than just one single pane. So, it’s important that you hire the right team. Otherwise you risk ruining the security and appearance of your home.

If you’re in need of a sash window repair or replacement, the team at Property Maintenance Glasgow have you covered. 

Sash Windows FAQ

It depends on the specific type of sash window and the size required. 

The window installers are professional and they will not damage the drywall or existing structure. If adjustments need to be made we will do our best to colour match the new paint.

Yes, but our team are more than up to the job.

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