Window Boarding

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Window boarding is a process that involves the installation of boards on a property’s doors and windows for the purpose of:

  • Preventing any unauthorized access by looters, squatters, or vandals.
  • Protecting an abandoned, unused, or vacant property,
  • Protecting any property from storm damage.
  • Shoring up a broken window.

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Window Boarding Glasgow

The why and wherefore of window boarding is fairly obvious and whatever the specific reason behind the process, you board up your windows for the purpose of barring access to the interior of your home or business. You may have seen abandoned buildings in your neighbourhood that have been boarded up to protect their interiors from a forced entry while they’re awaiting repairs. But, just about anywhere in the world, it could also be a necessity due to impending stormy weather.


Window Boarding for Stormy Weather

Weather forecasters are able to accurately predict storms and give businesses and homeowners ample time for preparation. Depending on how strong the storm is, using plywood for boarding up your windows is a viable choice. It might not prevent all of the possible storm damage to the doors and windows of your home or business, but it will definitely help!

A storm can easily break your windows and leave your home or business’s interior vulnerable to additional storm damage. For example, if it were to rain heavily following a storm, the water could enter and cause a lot more damage. So, remember that windows that have been properly boarded-up can prevent that damage.

It isn’t just necessary to board up those windows that face the water. No windows are safe in the face of a big storm. The debris will spin and blow around with the storm, hitting windows wherever they may be located.

Window Boarding FAQ

Yes, when you board up your windows properly, you’ll be securing your property against a number of possible threats, including vandalism, weather damage, or even flooding.

Boarding them up with plywood will work for preventing any vandalism or other unlawful entry as well as keeping dangerous debris from crashing into your business or home during a storm.

A minimum thickness of ½-inch or more is most commonly used for board-up protection.

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